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President's Welcome Message
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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the OC-ALA Presidents message. It’s the start of a new year. A special thanks to Jessica Daugherty and all the rest of the Executive board and Extended board for their great work this past year. It takes a team to provide a great experience for our members.

While the country adjusts to new leadership, the ALA organization and the Chapter does as well. It is an honor for me to serve as your President for the 2017-2018 board year.

In tumultuous times, we need for diverse people to work together, to overcome differences, to find commonality. We find that often, while people can accomplish big things by themselves, they can amplify that accomplishment by involving others. They need help. They need support. They need new thinking, new approaches, new paradigms. They need people working in concert with them.

As the year unfolds, I hope to hear that symphony of voices pitching in, working together to create a new sound, a new way of thinking, a new way to see the world around us, in both our work and personal lives.

The ALA organization is International. We have over 9,000 members in 95 Chapters in 30 countries. As you can imagine, the legal profession is different in other states, and even more so in different countries. The demographics of the organization is rapidly changing and the legal industry is adapting to internal and external changes as well.

The ALA headquarters Board of Directors and staff are working diligently to keep pace with these changes and differences. To do it right, they need our involvement. They need us to lend our voice, to combine our individual talents, to listen to our environments, and to be honest in our assessments.

The Chapter also has its share of challenges as well as opportunities. The Chapter just completed another tremendously successful year. We won the Presidents Award of Excellence again this year.

We have the challenge to meet that high standard, and the opportunity to exceed it. That requires people to step in, to step up, to think outside the lines, to add color and dissonance to what we normally hear, to harmonize our actions, the find the balance, strike the right tone, set the correct tempo and do what leaders do. We lead.

We bring together disparate parts. We combine contrasted elements. We do it in our personal lives, in our work lives, and in our professional lives. We find a way to blend the classic with the modern, the dynamic with the static, the custom with the standard and the serious with the fun.

If we can add all our voices, find our rhythm, and create that little extra coherence in our actions, not only can we have another successful year for the Chapter, but also for our member firms, our Business Partners, our communities, our organization, and ourselves. We create our own song.

So while there are great challenges for our country, our industry, our organization, our communities, and our families, we know that by working in harmony, we can, as leaders, drive the needed change, and create our own opus, so those that come after us can enjoy the beautiful sounds we produced and they can add their own verse.

So enjoy this year and I look forward to working with each of you in the coming months.


Terry Vickrey, CLM
OC-ALA 2017-2018

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