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2018 Scholarship Program
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OC-ALA 2018 Scholarship Program

Download a PDF version of the scholarship program here.

In an effort to further our purposes of providing continuing education to our members and to support the goals and programs of the Association of Legal Administrators, OC-ALA offers multiple scholarships to ALA Conferences. These scholarships are funded primarily through the financial support provided by our Business Partners. Scholarships provide opportunities for the full ALA conference experience to chapter members who otherwise may not be able to attend, as well as to encourage and reward active participation in our chapter. All chapter members who attend conferences are encouraged to attend a wide array of the offered programs, network with members from other chapters, make note of excellent speakers that could be used at local events, and to spend time exploring the offerings from the Business Partners in the exhibit hall.

This program is designed to encourage members’ active participation in our Chapter activities and leadership by awarding points for a wide variety of activities. Scholarships are also awarded by random drawing, to give an opportunity to newer members who have not yet had an opportunity to amass a significant number of points.

2018 Scholarships will be awarded as follows

•     Four scholarships valued at $1,400.00 each for attendance at ALA’s 2018 Regional Legal  Management Conference (“RLMC”) - West (Austin, Texas, October 2018.)

•    Three scholarships valued at $2,500.00 each for attendance at ALA’s 2019 Annual Conference (Grapevine, Texas, April 2019.)

When do I win?

1.    Collect points from January 1, 2018 through July 15, 2018 to earn one of three  scholarships to 2018 RLMC-West. (Recipients to be announced at the July 2018 General      Meeting.)

2.   One random drawing from eligible Chapter members in attendance at the July General    Meeting to win a scholarship to 2018 RLMC-West. (Must be present to win!)

3.   One random drawing from eligible Chapter members in attendance at the November      Business Partner appreciation event to win a scholarship to the 2019 Annual Conference. (Must be present to win!)

4.   Collect points from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018 to earn one of two  scholarships to the 2019 Annual Conference. (Recipients to be announced at January 2019 General Meeting.)

2018 Scholarship Points will be awarded for the following activities:

 Qualifying Event



Once Per Year:

Become a New Member


Mentor a New Member1



Bring a Managing Partner or Attorney representative from your firm to the Law Firm Leadership Forum in March 2018


Attend ALA’s 2018 Annual Conference2


Serve as Session Manager at the 2018 Annual Conference or the 2018 RLMC-West (points awarded once for each Conference)


Employ a Project SELF Intern (points awarded once to all members of the Firm)


Participate in OC-ALA’s annual Community Connection program


Attend OC-ALA’s Business Partner Appreciation Event


Attend ALA’s 2018 RLMC-West Conference2


Serve on the OC-ALA Extended Board3


  Attend ACES 2018

Bring a qualified potential member to a General Meeting


Attend an OC-ALA General or Section Meeting


Carpool, walk or bike to a General or Section meeting


Refer a new member who joins OC-ALA


Attend a Networking Event


Attend Board/Extended Board Meeting (Executive Board Members)


Attend Board/Extended Board Meeting (all other members)


Take the CLM Exam


Refer a vendor who becomes a Business Partner


Write an article for the OC-ALA WAVES newsletter


Submit an Administrator Spotlight to Newsletter/Website Committee



    1   Points are awarded after Director of Membership has confirmed the criteria has been met. 
    2   Scholarship recipients excluded. 
    3   Extended Board Member must actively participate on and contribute to the Committee's activities.  Points will be awarded 12/1/2018. 


            This program is subject to the guidelines as outlined below:

2018 Scholarship Program Guidelines

  • This program is open only to Primary members of OC-ALA. 
  • Scholarship recipients are encouraged to serve as a Session Manager at the Conference, and must attend the majority of the Conference sessions and events included in Conference, except in the case of a work or personal emergency.
  • All scholarship recipients are required to write a brief summary of their Conference experience within three weeks after conclusion of Conference for use in an OC-ALA newsletter, on the website or in social media.  The summary is to be provided to the OC-ALA President.
  • The scholarship points chart is maintained by the Treasurer-Elect.  Points for meeting attendance will only be awarded to members who physically sign in for each meeting.  Points for other actions/activities will be awarded to the best of the Treasurer-Elect’s ability/scope of knowledge.  Members who are interested in pursuing points-based scholarships are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Treasurer-Elect has the necessary information/documentation to award points.
  • Executive Board Members are limited to a $900.00 travel scholarship for RLMC.  OC-ALA President, Past-President and/or President-Elect who are eligible to attend a Conference at chapter expense are ineligible for scholarships under this program.
  • Members who earned a points-based scholarship in the prior year are not eligible to earn a pointed-based scholarship to the same category of Conference under this program.
  • Members who accept a points-based scholarship to RLMC under this program are ineligible for a points-based scholarship to the 2019 Annual Conference.
  • Members who are ineligible for a points-based scholarship for any reason above are still eligible for a random-drawing scholarship to any Conference under this program.
  • Members may only accept one scholarship per conference.  The chapter will not award both a points-based scholarship and a random-drawing scholarship to the same Conference for one member.
  • A scholarship recipient must still be an active OC-ALA Chapter Member in good standing at the time of the Conference in order to receive the scholarship funds.
  • The Executive Board reserves the right to interpret these scholarship guidelines, to amend the guidelines at any time during the year, and to break points-based ties on any basis.
  • Failure to comply may cause the loss of scholarship funds.

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